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Hey! My name is Nuno, I’m a problem solver from Portugal and I love developing clean and well-thought designs.

As an UI & UX Designer I’m focused on finding user-centered solutions and designing interfaces that enhance the user experience. I also do front-end, ui-development, branding, graphic design (web and print), final artwork, digital photography, photo retouching and manipulation and motion graphics.

I continuously invest time researching design methods & deliverables, their implementation in new product development, data and concept visualizations and the ability for design thinking. Also, I’m always on the lookout for new technologies and keeping up with industry standards. I like solving problems and finding new solutions to old ones, working with cutting edge technologies whenever possible.

I always try to keep my focus on the final goal and be as pragmatic as possible throughout the process, in order to build strong and appropriate solutions, using the most suitable methods.

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